Optimizing Oracle 12C RAC

Im attaching the presentation for optimizing ORACLE12C RAC.   Hope to see you at #MOUS15.




MOUS15 is here !!!

If you are in the Indiana, Michigan, Illinois, Ohio or Canada region and want to see and experience great Oracle user and technical presentations, networking and hands-on workshops, please register to the Michigan Oracle User Summit (#MOUS15), on Wednesday, November 18th at Schoolcraft college in Livonia, Michigan (www.mous.us).    Its a full day of presentations (45) that include Big Data presentations, Hyperion presentations, JDEdwards, Oracle Applications, Middleware (SOA), Database (Oracle12c, RAC, others) and 2 hands-on workshops – #cloneattack and #racattack.   We also have 13 Oracle Ace and Ace directors, Rich Niemiec of Rolta will be our keynote speaker.   Please visit our website (www.mous.us) or guidebook for more details on the conference content.

So not only do you get some great user and technical presentations, but you get 2 great hands-on workshops – Clone Attack and Racattack (www.racattack.org).

Clone attack (www.delphix.com ) – did you ever want to create development databases from production with a small footprint and dynamic way ?   Well come to MOUS15 and create many development databases on your own PC.

RACATTACK – (www.racattack.org) – Racattack allows you to create a 12c RAC database on your own PC, yes, you too can have your own RAC database on your pc.

Wait there is more !! – WE ARE ON GUIDEBOOK – http://www.guidebook.com (Look for MOUS) its free !!

Lastly, this conference is a great way to network with other Oracle users, a full day of presentations, hands-on workshops, great food , education and its priced reasonably ($50 pre-register, $75 at door).

Hope to see you at the conference and please contact me with any questions,

--Mike Gangler

ORA-10997 and ORA-09968 on ASM startup (With NFS)

During a recent hardware upgrade, i received the following error on a ASM (NO-RAC) startup.   It was very confusing, because i was custom to seeing ASM on Storage LUNS and in this case it was using ASM (NO-RAC) and NFS storage.   Unfortunately, as always with late night changes, you don’t notice things until you get fresh eyes on the issue.   A simple “df -kh” would’ve told me that it was NFS, but made too many presumptions.

When i first told about the NFS settings, i thought i needed to restart nfs, but that didn’t work.   Than after getting another fresh pair of eyes from the Linux team, we realized that the directory “/var/lib/nfs” was set to 750???   After some investigation, we saw that puppet was changing it to 750 every 5 minutes, so even when we changed it to 755, it was 750.  so the next question, why ?

Well it appears that FTI requirements are the culprit.  Apparently the auditors don’t understand nfs and O/S’s, probably don’t care either.   Apparently, FTI companies are required to set this to 750…. Now i understand security, but this directory needs to be readable by Oracle to start up the nfs drives and ASM.

Until we get a permanent solution, the linux team offered the following solution:

the setting of 755 is only needed for startup, so the temporary solution is (as root):

root> chmod 755 /var/lib/nfs
root> chatter +i /var/lib/nfs <== protects
root> crsctl start has
== after successful startup ====
root> chatter -i /var/lib/nfs <== takes off the protection

The following is the error description:

grid> srvctl start asm

PRCR-1079 : Failed to start resource ora.asm
CRS-5017: The resource action "ora.asm start" encountered the following error:
ORA-10997: another startup/shutdown operation of this instance in progress
ORA-09968: unable to lock file
Linux-x86_64 Error: 37: No locks available
Additional information: 64
. For details refer to "(:CLSN00107:)" in "/u01/app/grid/product/<machine_name>/agent/ohasd/oraagent_grid/oraagent_grid.log".
CRS-2674: Start of 'ora.asm' on '<machine name>' failed