Multitenant – Oracle 12c Standard Edition

Im Re-blogging this information, as i heard this at Collaborate 15, that non-multitenant databases will be deprecated in Oracle 13, not sure if its true, but here is some good information, if it is true…..


Can you have Oracle Multitenant in Oracle Standard Edition SE2?

No, you can’t as Oracle Multitenant is a licensable option for Enterprise Edition (EE) databases only.   

But wait a second …

You can do Oracle Single Tenant with SE2 of course meaning you can have one active pluggable database within one container database at a time. That is possible and does not require any additional licenses.

See the DBCA (Database Configuration Assistant) screen when you’ll try to create a container database:

More information? 

You’ll find more information about the differences in handling and such between Oracle non-CDB, Oracle Single Tenant and Oracle Multitenant databases in this presentation: