Dirty Reads… Done Dirt Cheap..

Back in the day when developers were allowed to demonstrate a sense of humor, they added the following to the Oracle 7 documentation when looking up “Oracle’s Dirty Reads….”.     I don’t think management wiil allow this type of sense of humor anymore.   Many thanks to Ric VanDyke who still has the documentation manuals (Yes real paper)….



[kslwt_validate_gwaitctx: magic], [21313] – “asm_diskstring” > 1024

Recently our staff tried to add disk strings to ASM diskgroups and the strings exceeded 1024 characters. We are on a oracle on redhat linux. In the Docs, it says it should hold up to 4K, but when we added to the asm_diskstrings we got the following error and the ASM DB wouldn’t startup causing our production db to be down:

ORA-0600: [kslwt_validate_gwaitctx: magic], [21313]

We looked many places (Including Metalink and Communities) and couldn’t find a ora-0600 error but did find a ora-7445 with the same code/error.

We opened a ticket and was notified that there is a bug with this error and a patch to fix it.

We were hitting Bug 18273830 where when the asm_diskstring becomes larger than 1024 characters it causes this failure. There is a one-off Patch available on My Oracle Support and which will resolve this problem

Patch 18273830
Release Oracle
Platform Linux x86-64

Hope this helps, as there isn’t much documentation on this bug/error.