US Pro Rugby – premiers this weekend –

Saturdays game was good to see, closest team for us in Midwest is Ohio…  

After an exciting opening week, PRO Rugby continues its debut season when Denver looks to win its second straight while taking on San Francisco. The much-anticipated showdown will be streamed live on Sunday at 6 p.m. ET.

Fans can also enjoy a replay of Saturday’s game between San Diego and Sacramento.

PRO Rugby — the first team-sport professional league to launch in the United States since Major League Soccer in 1993 and Major League Lacrosse in 2001 — officially kicked off last Sunday, as Denver got by Ohio, 19-13, in overtime and Sacramento edged San Francisco 37-25 in a rivalry match.

For full rosters of each team, CLICK HERE.



Collaborate 16 !

I will be presenting 3 presentations at this years Collaborate 16 in Las Vegas.

Monday – April 11 – 12 – 12:30 – Palm B – Using Puppet and RPM’s to deploy EM12C Agents

Wednesday – April 13 – – 12:00 – 12:30 – Jasmine B – Granting Oracle Schema Permissions When Objects not Created Yet !

Thursday – April 14 – 8:30 am – 9:30 am – Palm  D – Optimize and Simplify Oracle 12C RAC using dNFS, ZFS and OISP






Oracle Open World Update and IOUG Select

First of all – Please download the latest version of the IOUG’s SELECT Journal – filled with great content about “ACFS” and “in-Memory Magic”  – the Link is 3rd Quarter IOUG Journal – #IOUG

Oracle Open World Happenings  – #OOW15

Also the IOUG  #IOUG will be hosting Special Interest Group (SIG) meetings on the following days int the User Group Pavillon – Meeting Room – Moscone South

Monday – October 26 – IOUG Cloud Computing SIG – 10 – 11am and IOUG EM12C SIG – 5 – 6pm – OTN LOUNGE

Tuesday – October 27 – IOUG IoT SIG – 10:30 – 11:30 and IOUG BIWA SIG – 11:30a – 12:30p

Wednesday – October 28th – IOUG Exadata SIG – 10:30 – 11:30, IOUG RAC SIG – 1 – 2p, and Oracle 12C SIG – 2 – 3pm

My Presentations:

Tuesday Lastly, i will be speaking on Tuesday – October 27 – Intercontinental C – 5 Floor – 5:15 – 6pm

CON2528 – Transforming Application Delivery with Private Cloud Appliance

Hope to see you there or at this years Open World





Granting Oracle Schema Permissions (Objects not created yet)

Recently we had a customer who wanted to have read only access to all tables in a schema, even tables not created yet. Apparently in Microsoft SQLServer, there is a way to grant a user schema permissions and includes objects not created yet.

Since i am unaware of a way to do this automagically in Oracle, i decided to create a “after ddl” trigger on the schema to grant the permissions when objects are created. The challenge is that pl/sql doesn’t allow running ddl permissions, i had to create a work around for the pl/sql and ddl challenges. The resolution was to use dbms.job_submit (Thanks “Ask Tom”) and submit a job to run the permissions.

Here is the code I used and please modify to suit your needs: (For this example i’m using IOUG as the application name/user)

#1 – Create a read only role first:

Create role IOUG_READONLY;

#2 – Grant read only role to the user (IOUG) requiring the permissions


#2 – Connect to application schema user (Owns objects) and create “after ddl” trigger (Sorry for the doublespace !)

v_sysevent varchar2(25);
v_message varchar(255);
l_job number;
select ora_sysevent into v_sysevent from dual;
if ( v_sysevent in ('CREATE') )
v_message := 'execute immediate "grant select on IOUG_OBJECTS.'||ora_dict_obj_name||' to IOUG_READONLY";';
dbms_job.submit (l_job,replace(v_message,'"','''') ) ;
end if;

Now whenever a new object gets created the role is granted via the pl/sql and dbms_job.  The following is a test output:


IOUG_OBJECTS@IOUGDEV > create table foo1 (col1 varchar2(255));

Table created.


IOUG@IOUGDEV > select * from IOUG_OBJECTS.foo1;

no rows selected

Name Null? Type
—————————————– ——– —————————-


select * from IOUG_OJBECTS. OBJECT_NAME  *** NOTE – You must put the schema name before the table name (IOUG_OBJECTS), because the grants didn’t include the a public synonym.


Please let me know if this works for you and big thanks to “Ask Tom” who helped me resolve the PL/SQL and DDL issue.  Also, please let me know if there is a automagic way to do this Oracle.

Upcoming IOUG Cloud Computing SIG Webinar: Oracle Multitenant: The Beating Heart of #DBaaS

Oracle ACE Director Kai Yu's Oracle Blog

Title: Oracle Multitenant: The Beating Heart of #DBaaS
Featured Speaker: Debaditya Chatterjee, Product Manager for the Oracle Multitenant
Start time: Dec 09, 2014 01:00 PM America/Eastern
End time: Dec 09, 2014 02:00 PM America/Eastern
The tripod of Oracle database as a service (DBaaS) rests on the strong legs of Oracle Multitenant as the enabling database architecture; Oracle Enterprise Manager for orchestration; and Oracle’s engineered systems, such as Oracle Exadata and Oracle SuperCluster, as the consolidation platforms. This total solution from a single vendor is unmatched. This session explores in detail various key capabilities of the multitenant architecture that deliver on the promise of DBaaS today.

Please sign up this webinar on this registration Link:
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Kai Yu
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