EM12C Other Uses ???

I am fortunate to be at Oracle Open World 14, after many years of absence. At a Birds of a feather type event 2 questions came up. Could you use EM12C for Job scheduling ? Could you use EM12c for deploying and hosting utilized database scripts ? Both great questions and i often wondered that myself.

EM12C for Job Scheduling…
I have used Cron for ever and many times I have needed that job to run and ONLY send me an email if it fails.. Sounds familiar ? A few years ago, i switched from cron jobs to Jenkins/Hudson, due to 1 job that needed to be run every day and send me an email if it fails. Well it basically didn’t run due to other factors for 14 days and caused headaches, aggravation and “Egg on the old face”. i basically had to rerun a massive job for 14 days to catch up. By switching to Jenkins/Hudson really helped that due to all the options available. Are you thinking the same thing about single point of failure ? What about H/A to solve that ? What other issues or advantages to using EM12C for job scheduling ? Please let me know

EM12C for Hosting database scripts ?

Is the better way to store database scripts and deploy them to agents/hosts ? Would Git/SVN, etc be a better choice ? We use puppet to distribute these kind of things ? What your thoughts/ideas ?

Lastly I learned about Oracles AWR Warehouse and plan to evaluate and investigate whats going on in the system. Check it out… Let me know what you think.



One thought on “EM12C Other Uses ???

  1. Hi Mike
    My preference (since you asked) is to use cron for tasks that are required on the OS. Archive log backups and log sweepers, f.e. I only use EM scheduler when the task is related specifically to OEM. I agree completely with your single point of failure concern.
    Cron has the disadvantage of being distributed. When a cron change is required I’m off changing dozens of servers. Boring and tedious. Trade study anyone?
    I have been using subversion for revision control for years and, like a comfortable old hat, I’m used to it. Maybe it’s time for git.
    Lastly, puppet is great for Linux servers. My Unix admins use it with lots of success. The granularity is tremendous when you’re dealing with operating system packages or even version end shell scripts. There’s lots more that you can use it for, but that’s too deep for late on All Hallows’ eve.

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