ORA-14400: inserted partition key does not map to any partition

This occured during our production cloud control upgrade to release 3. After it failed, i did a flashback database and got this same error with the SYSMAN user login.

Found the error and fix in metalink – 1493151.1

Reason for Failing:

A partition was missing from sysman.mgmt_audit table and no audit was being performed. So this caused issues with logging into sysman and upgrade.

to Fix (From metalink) – it works and now the upgrade is completed:

Case 1:

This is an upgrade specific issue. The mgmt_audit_master.prepopulate_days table is not initialized during upgrade, so new partitions are not being created.

job_queue_processes was left at 0 after the upgrading to

Set the job_queue_processes to a non-zero value, then verify the console login.

Case 2:

If the job_queue_processes value is already set to a value greater than 0:

1. Execute the following queries in repository DB:
SQL> update mgmt_audit_master set prepopulate_days=5 where prepopulate_days is null;
SQL> exec mgmt_audit_admin.add_audit_partition;

2. Restart the OMS:

./emctl stop oms -all

./emctl start oms


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