EM Configuration issue – emctl (12C)

I just spent the last 1 hour trying to restart an agent and kept getting:

>> emctl start agent

EM COnfiguration issue: /u01/app/oracle/product/11.2.0/db_2/<machine>_<dbname> not found

after some research found the resolution in Metalink for a similar 10g issue.


when i did a “which emctl” it pointed to $ORACLE_HOME/emctl NOT AGENT_HOME/bin ….

To Fix:

$AGENT_HOME/bin/.emctl start agent  (Add the dot )  – feel foolish but i hope im not the only one.


5 thoughts on “EM Configuration issue – emctl (12C)

    • I dont know of a single way to find the agent, but what i usually perform is a “ps -ef | grep agent” to see if its running or perform a linux “Find command for emctl” or “Which emctl”. Of course, this only works if the agent is running, or the agent home is in the path .

      If you have found another way to find it, please let me know

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